BadgeMe is a cloud service that supports companies, shops, building sites, consultancy firms or any other organization that needs to log the presence of a person in a place at a time. The user touches the screen of the mobile and confirms his identity by a pin or biometry. The collected information is then signed and logged by the service.
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Attendance Management System App

BadgeMe is a complete service for the attendance management. BadgeMe provides virtual badges and timpe keepers available on mobile phone. Reporting presences and time is very easy with Time and Attendance Tracking App. Just tap on the screen of mobile phone to register the time and clock in and out. BadgeMe provides a lot more: holiday and permission management, activities, real time web console an many other thinks.

How it works

BadgeMe is super easy.

1) Add a badge point by selecting its location on a map.

2) Associate the badge point to users’ badges.

3) When users are in the proximity of the badge point they touch the mobile phone screen and identify themselves via PIN or biometry in order to log their presence at the place at that time.


BadgeMe has a very effective and intuitive administration console with a web interface. It allows access to all the logs, can create and manage new virtual badges, creates and manages new virtual attendance points and exports collected information for other HR tools. Moreover, the console has a simple dashboard that provides an immediate view on the work force and the actions performed.