Frenkey Box

Frenkey Box – AC001

Frenkey Box – AC001 is a secure unit designed for access control applications. It allows users to open gates and doors securely by using a mobile phone or any other connected device. No keys or badges are needed. Through the Frenkey cloud service Frenkey Box enables users to have a full virtual access experience. It is a secure solution implementing end to end security. Only registered users can interact with the system after their authentication. All user actions are logged by the system. It is possible to define a per user access control policy. Each unit comes with six inputs and four outputs. Inputs can be configured to be analog and digital. Number of inputs and outputs can be extended by connecting additional units via RS485 and Ethernet. Programmable logic control allows the creation of automatic logic based on inputs, user activities and outputs.


1 Power Supply

2 System LED

3 Status LED

4 RJ45 LAN

5 DIP RS485 Load

6 Input and Extension

7 Battery

8 Reset Button

9 Output A

10 Output B

Product Features

Installation and power supply

The unit can be mounted on a wall or installed on a DIN rail (EN60715). In order to operate it is required a power supply between 12V/24V (current >500 mA). When power is up status led is blinking indicating the microcontroller activity. If status led is blinking twice then the device is ready for the service.
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