Frenkey: the key without a key.

For your office, your business, your house, your condominium and wherever you need to open a gate. Frenkey is a cloud service that implements an access control system and offers a full virtual key experience. Keys, badges or any other objects are no longer required. Keys become digital and are available on a mobile phone or any other connected device. Door opening is very simple and secure. Touch the screen of your mobile, identify yourself on the mobile with biometrics or a pin and the door opens. Security is at the heart of the system. This solution offers a high level of protection thanks to user identification, encrypted communications and full key control. Keys can be enabled and disabled by administrators. Logs are always available for inspection.

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Evolve access experience

Frenkey provides an evolutionary access experience with keyless access control. A simple user interface organizes digital keys in digital key chains. Keys can be created, delivered to users and destroyed easily and securely just by a mobile phone and online without the need of any physical interaction. Each user can control several keys of different smart locks installed at different locations.

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Frenkey Box

At the heart of the system there is Frenkey Box. Frenkey Box is an electronic device equipped with a secure element that authenticates the users, enforces security and gives the open command to the locks. Only authenticated users are allowed to open a door. Frenkey Box stores the keys of the users and is a tamper proof device.
Each Frenkey Box unit can control up to four doors. You can still use your existing electric locks. No reason to change them. Or for doors or gates with mechanical locks you can select electric or motorized locks at your convenience, selecting the best suited for your door or gate. More Frenkey Box units can be connected in order to control more exits.

Cloud Service

Cloud Server

Frenkey Box uses the Internet to connect to the Frenkey cloud service. Users with their app connected to Frenkey cloud servers open a secure communication channel with the Open Box. Only the users and Open Box know the keys for the secure channel.

There is a secure channel per user and on it, data is securely exchanged. Only the user and the Open Box know the keys, thus implementing so called end to end security.



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