Iot Brick

IOT Brick

IOT Brick is a general-purpose device designed to support organizations addressing the IOT market that do not want the hassle of hardware and firmware development. The hardware is already developed and is suitable for a lot of applications. The firmware too is developed and needs only to be configured with the desired logic for a specific task. IOT box. IOT box comes with a DIN compatible with DIN43880 (106/88/47) standard. Other packages could be available upon request.

Logic Designed Via Functional Block

Logic can be easily implemented, without programming, by combining the functional blocks available in the device. Functional blocks are studied so as to allow the implementation of a wide range of use cases. There are several kinds of functional blocks available in the IOT Box. For example, a logical function functional block that allow the implementation of any logic function over 4 inputs. A functional block that implements a finite state machine. A functional block that implement pulses. The input of functional blocks can be connected to device input or to the output of other functional blocks. Output of functional blocks can be connected to the input of other functional blocks or to the output of the device. By exploiting the variety of functional blocks available, and their combinations, it is possible to implement logic that solves most of the usual problems.

Connected Device

Iot Brick is a connected device. At any time is possible to query input or output of functional blocks and force their input to a specific value. In this way it is possible to integrate the IOT box in most complex systems that includes client servers and mobile applications. Open Box comes with an SDK that simplifies the integration in most of the environments.