The key without the keys

Full keyless experience with the same security. Create a key, deliver the key, open the door, log the access. It is very simple.


Confirm a presence wherever, and at any time.
Virtual badges. Virtual time attendance unit.
Place the attendance unit on a map.
Touch the mobile screen, identify yourself and log your presence in that place at that time.

Frenkey Box: Evolving accesses.

Secure unit for evolutionary access control systems.
Wherever you need to open a gate.

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turning your life digital


companies, shops, building sites, consultancy firms and anyone who needs to log the presence of people in a particular place at a particular time. Invisible time attendance terminals located everywhere you need and anywhere in the world. Place virtual terminals on a map. Just touch the screen of your mobile and confirm your identity by a pin or biometry when in proximity to the terminal. Your presence at that place at that time is logged by the BadgeMe service.


For offices, houses, condominiums, hotels, b&bs. Simplifies the access to places, avoiding keys or any other objects. Doors open with a touch on the mobile phonescreen and keys can be sent over the network without any physical delivery. User are identified at each opening request and keys can be controlled remotely. A dream? No, it is Frenkey….

Frenkey Box – AC001

Secure unit for access control applications. Allows users to open gates and doors through a mobile phone or any other connected device. No keys or badges are needed. It is possible to define a per user weekly access control policy. All user actions are logged by the system. Provided with an SDK that simplifies the integration in web applications or mobile apps.
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General-purpose device designed to support organizations addressing the IOT market that do not want the hassle of hardware and firmware development. The hardware is already developed. The firmware too, and it only needs to be configured with the desired logics for a specific task.

Iot Brick

Configure the logic of your application


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